Financial Management

Duration 4 years
Starting Date September
Tuition Fee / Year ¥3800 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese/English

Program Infomation

Program Brief Instruction

It introduces the basic concepts and techniques of modern business management and it helps its students to grasp the comprehensive ability of accounting and management.


Free 0.5 to 1 year Chinese training (tuition fee waived only) to ensure you can get HSK4 Chinese level and attend bilingual taught class sucessfully.

Degree Study Fee after Scholarship
Tuition fee: 610 to 700 dollarsyear;
Accomodation: 500 dollarsyear;
Duration of degree study: 4 years.

Note: There will be 650 dollars deposit once you get addmitted in case of seats waisting and which wont be refunded if you choose other schools after Chinese study.

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