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About Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University

Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University is a provincial full-time public university. It is located in Jilin City known as “Rime Metropolis”. The northern campus region of the university stands at Zuojia Nature Reserve, and the Southern region stands at the Economic and Technological Development Area of Jilin City. It is selected as comprehensive pilot reform university by the Ministry of Education and pilot institution of national excellent agricultural and forestry personnel programme. It ranks among the first batch of integral pilot institutions in Jilin Province.
The university covers 1.98 million square meters with a total floor space of over 313,000m². The total value of teaching equipment reaches 126 million RMB and the asset value for the year of 2016 is 888 million RMB. The collection of its library is around 960,000 volumes including 650,000 digital books. The library has 19 Chinese and Foreign databases and about 3000 different kinds of wild fauna and flora specimens for its museum.
The university comprises 13 academic colleges, including 43 undergraduate majors and 16 vocational majors. It is equipped with 3 key disciplines at provincial level, 1 key discipline at national level, 1 comprehensive pilot discipline at national level, 1 national pilot discipline focusing on excellent agricultural and forestry education and 2 excellent engineering disciplines at provincial level. There are 766 faculty members in total, among which there are 67 professors and 185 associate professors. It has more than 12,100 full-time students and about 600 adult education correspondence students. At present time, the university has formed its agricultural specialty and advantage and developed its school pattern as a harmonious unity of different disciplines including science, industry, economy, management and liberal arts. 
Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University is always carrying out an open and developing strategy, so as to enlarge school-operating space. The university has promoted its international development progress by sending scholars and experts to different countries to conduct culture exchanges and it has established communications and co operations between different countries such as the USA, Russia, France, Korea, Singapore and so on. Moreover, it has selected excellent students to go abroad to have advanced study and training or pursue double degree study. In the year of 2016, the undergraduate program--mechanical manufacturing and automation, which was co-conducted by Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University and Korean Kyungnam University, finally got approved by the Ministry of Education.
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